Easy to Setup
  Easy to Use
  Elegantly Designed
  Time Saving
Visitor Management Made Easy


Benefits & Features

Easy to Setup and Use
System ready to use in a few minutes. Your receptionist or security guard will be able learn to use in it no time.

Elegant and Customizable Interface
Elegantly designed Visitor Sign In software can be customized to your corporate identify.

Supports Visitor Pre-Registration
Pre-register your visitors for faster sign in on the day of your event.

Supports Visitor Self-Management
User friendly Visitor Sign In software allows your visitor to perform self-management easily.

Prints Professional Visitor Pass with Photo
Bundle with professionally designed visitor photo pass
templates. You can also easily design your own visitor pass.

Visitor can sign in using their identity card, driving license or vehicle number. One or more visitor sign in station can be deployed. Visitor Sign In software can be remotely configurable at the BePunctual Server Software.

Time Saving
Visitor only needs to register their information once. Faster visitor sign in/out. Instantly checks or print who’s in/out during emergency. Reports can be automatically generated and emailed out.

Visitor database can be house centrally in a separate computer from the visitor sign in computers. Set visitor alerts to alert your security guard of unwanted visitors.

Software Components
  BePunctual Server Software
Main visitor management software. Runs as a
windows service.
  BePunctual Visitor Station Software
Software for visitor management, sign in/out and
printing of visitor pass.
  BePunctual Automator Software (Optional)
Automation module for automatic report generation.

Hardware Components (Optional)
  Bar Code Scanner
To scan visitor identify card during sign in/out.
To capture visitor photo during sign in/out to print photo on visitor pass.
  Visitor Pass Printer
To print professional visitor passes. Includes software to let you design your own visitor pass. No print cartridge required.
  Touch Screen Monitor
For keyboard-free entry and that professional feel.
  Fingerprint Scanner
To verify visitors identity if needed.



Visitor Management System

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